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Tennessee Required Co-Parenting Classes

And Every Necessity for a Child-Focused  Divorce

STEPS Co-Parenting Education

The STEPS Co-Parenting sessions fulfill the Tennessee statutory requirement of 4-hours for divorcing parents or post-divorce parents, as well as the 12-hours required by Judge McMillan in Knox County 4th Circuit Court.

The sessions are also appropriate for parents in Juvenile Court with issues of legitimation and paternity - basically any situation which involves a schedule for a child being raised by parents who do not live in the same home.

Our Certificates of Attendance are accepted by all East Tennessee courts.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide Co-Parenting and Divorce Information that is child-focused and future-oriented.  We strive to always give personalized and immediate attention to each parent.

     We have convenient locations in both Blount County and Knox County, with Saturday and weekday evening sessions available. 

Our Program:

The STEPS Co-Parenting Program was developed in 2000, and has consistently been facilitated by the same professionals, giving them years of experience and a wealth of understanding in helping families successfully transition through the divorce process.  We strongly support the collaborative approach to divorce, a process that assists parents in navigating the court requirements as PARENTS working toward the best interests of their children as opposed to litigants at battle who are out to win at all costs.

Our curriculum is designed to help reduce the anxiety that children of divorce experience, and to improve communication between co-parents, and between parents and children.