We strongly believe in your ability as parents to decide the post-divorce arrangements of your family in the best interests of your children.  We offer services that include all paperwork for your uncontested divorce. Please call or email for more information or CAREFULLY and THOROUGHLY read a;ll the terms of the contract below regarding our services.

After reading the contract, you will find will be able to pay online by credit card, if you choose.

If you prefer not to pay by credit card, contact me regarding other payment arrangements.

Thanks.  Kim 981-7900 kdresq@gmail.com


Please understand that I do not represent either party and will not give any legal advise.  My role during this process is to obtain from you the terms of your agreement regarding your divorce and to put those terms into the properly formatted pleadings that will allow you to file and finish your divorce.  PLEASE DO NOT USE MY SERVICE IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT THAT YOUR DIVORCE IS UNCONTESTED.  MAKE SURE THAT THE TWO OF  YOU ARE IN AGREEMENT ON ALL ISSUES.  Please call me before paying the fee if you have any question at all about whether our service would well serve your situation and your family. (981-7900) We are not in the business of making money; rather, our goal is to help your family navigate the legal system with as little stress and financial burden as is possible. So please remember: your fee is nonrefundable upon payment.  

My paralegal's name is Randy Royse.  His role as a paralegal might include preparing your forms and/or communicating with you about questions if he is unclear about some of the answers on your questionnaire.  As an employee in my e-office, he will not take sides or offer advice of any kind, especially legal advice.  But, feel free to contact Randy at any time during your divorce regarding procedural issues (such as where you file, when you file, how do you find a notary), and/or if you find any errors in your completed pleadings, or if you wish to change anything.  Every completed pleading that you receive will have been read and approved by me, whether it originates from my email address or Randy's.  And, while parents do tend to communicate a lot with paralegals, you are always free to contact me at any time with any procedural questions you might have.

The following is a list or my responsibilities and your responsibilities during this process.  Please read them carefully.

    1. The fee is nonrefundable upon payment.  
    2. I will immediately send you a questionnaire, upon receipt of your fee.
    3. You complete and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.
    4. I will prepare every form necessary for you to file and finish your divorce based on the information provided on the questionnaire.  I will return these forms to you immediately.
    5. You will sign all forms in all places necessary, over a notary signature where indicated.
    6. You will file your signed forms with the clerk or your court, pay the filing fee, and obtain a date for the finalization of your divorce.
    7. You will complete your co-parenting session as soon as possible.  You may call me or any other approved provider to schedule this session.  The clerk or the court can provide you a list of approved providers for your court.  I am unaware of any court that accepts an online course.  BEWARE:  Many online courses say they are approved for the State of Tennessee, but the are not.
    8. I will meet with the two of you following your completion of your co-parenting requirement to put your agreement regarding your children into the proper Permanent Parenting Plan format.  This is not a mediation.

$500 Uncontested Divorce

$ 500 USD

By paying this fee, you agree that your divorce is uncontested, and that should it become contested, my services wil be terminated.  By paying this fee, you also agree that the fee is nonrefundable upon payment.  By receiving this fee, I agree to provide you with all documents necessary to complete your divorce IF you provide all necessary information that we request.  By paying this fee, you are agreeing that I do not represent either party in any legal capacity.